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"The language dimension in all subjects ", Jean-Claude Beacco ... et al.

HABE Liburutegia
Gizarte zientziak, hezkuntza eta politika, Hizkuntza eta literatura

Mastering the language of schooling is essential for learners to develop the skills necessary for school success and for critical thinking. It is fundamental for participation in democratic societies, and for social inclusion and cohesion.

This handbook is a valuable resource for education authorities and practitioners in Council of Europe member states. It will help them to reflect on their policy and practice in language education, and support them in developing responses to the current challenges of education systems. 

It has a strong practical orientation, but it also embodies key principles and values of the Council of Europe. It emerges directly from two recent recommendations of the Committee of Ministers. Recommendation CM/ Rec(2012)13 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on ensuring quality education emphasises the importance of preventing underachievement and draws attention to the key role of language in ensuring fairness in access to knowledge. Recommendation CM/Rec(2014)5 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the importance of competences in the language(s) of schooling for equity and quality in education and for educational success highlights the importance of language not just as a separate subject in school, but in all subjects across the curriculum.

The recommendations and proposed measures in the handbook will support education policy makers and professionals in their efforts to support migrant children as well as native speakers who may be at a disadvantage, and will contribute to raising the quality of education for all learners.